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Model R

The Model R is the perfect Walker Mower for residential properties. The belt-driven mower blades make operation smooth and quiet without compromising on the Walker Mower’s distinct advantages. Fast, easy, beautiful mowing is the standard, and the Model R brings the premium Walker experience home.


21 HP Kohler KT620 with Smart-ChokeTM technology
3 gallon custom-molded fuel tank
Electric blade clutch
Decks: 3 Discharge

Model R

The Model D is designed with the same footprint as the Model T, making it compact and capable of mowing both small and large properties while also boasting a transverse mounted, 3 cylinder diesel engine and liquid cooling. A self-cleaning, reversing radiator fan keeps the Model D cool and efficient even in the toughest conditions. Weighing in just under 1,200 lbs, the Model D is one of the lightest diesel-equipped commercial mowers on the market.

The torsion-flex carrier frame also allows the deck to flex side-to-side, so no matter the terrain, the Model R delivers a smooth premium cut. The Model R can be fitted with an optional mulching kit that includes bolt-in baffles and serrated mulching blades. A side-mounted grass catcher is also available for the Model R. The Model R is priced for residential owners thanks to its simplified design and components. It is a premium Walker Mower designed to provide fast, easy, beautiful mowing for years to come.

Standard Features

  • Hydro-Gear EZT transmissions

  • Precision steering system

  • Forward Speed Control

  • Flexible deck carrier frame

  • Tilt-up deck and tilt-open seat panel


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