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Fieldmaster 1.5m Park Mower




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Fieldmaster Mini Park 1.5m
If you have a 25 - 50hp tractor and want a beautiful manicured "striped up" lawn then this is the mower for you!
Fitted with “Gold Tip” Blades
3 HD spindles, belt drive
Screw adjustable cutting height
Full under body grass flow vanes for even grass discharge
Floating top link
Weight matched for smaller horsepower, compact tractors 25-50HP
Twin low profile full width rollers front and rear
Maintain a beautiful rolled lawn finish, will ‘stripe finish’ lawns
1 year warranty
With driveshaft, ready to go.
New and unused, just old stock, so save yourself big coin! $8,500 + GST
We also sell these new - $11,980 + GST

Price: $8,565.22 + GST

SKU: 10000-40

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